Specialised services


We now offer AAA Grade premium hair extensions.
Extensions are a fantastic way to not only gain length quickly but they can also add thickness to fine hair or add a pop of colour to your hair.
If you have a difficult fringe that you want to grow out quickly or a layer that you really dont want then we have a quick fix for you.
We offer a no-obligation FREE quote for all extension work. Prior to any extension work you must come in to the salon for a througher consultation. At this meeting we can determine the amount of hair and colour of the hair we need to purchace for you.


With Fabuloso Pro you can maintain the perfect colour that you leave with right through until your
next salon visit.

Fabuloso is a colour refresh and maintenance system that is Ammonia and Peroxide free.

You will receive a take home conditioner that is mixed in the salon by your stylist,
specifically for you own hair type and colour.


Thermal Ionic is a revolutionary new salon service to smooth, straighten and shine wavy, curly or frizzy hair permanently!

Thermal Ionic technology combined with the heat from a ceramic iron "reconditions" unruly hair into silky, perfect straight hair..... Forever!  And it will stay that way without the need for daily blow-drying or ironing.

Thermal Ionic greatly increases the hairs reflectivity, adding brightness with an ultra-gloss finish. And a slicker, shinier cuticle allows the hair to lay flatter with less static and flyaways!

Finally, having great hair is easy.... THERMAL IONIC

KERATHERAPY *New to Scarlett*

Keratin Hair smoother and rejuvenator

Keratherapy introduces the most advanced keratin smoothing system in the world today. Advanced Renewal System with Kerabond Technology is a true formaldehyde-free, color safe system that smooths and defrizzes hair with no wait time needed.

Formulated with a proprietary blend of Amazonian fruit extracts, pure keratin, and frizz fighting amino acids, this easy 3 step system transforms ordinary, overworked hair into silky, healthy looking locks for up to twelve weeks.

All professional formulas contain Kerabond Technology, an exclusive balance of amino acids, pure keratin and natural fruit acids that rapidly penetrate the hair cuticle to smooth, mend and protect all hair types. Amazonian fruit extracts and pure keratin heal and repair the hair while frizz fighting amino acids smooth even the most resistant hair types. Kerabond strengthens hair and loosens curl patterns, allowing the hair cuticle to lay flatter, creating smoothness and a healthy vibrant shine.

Only the finest ingredients are selected to develop the most innovative formulas and guaranteed results. Infused with Keratherapy’s signature blend of pure keratin and silk amino acids, our collection of products contain natural antioxidants and organic Amazonian fruit extracts that penetrate the cuticle, repair and rejuvenate. The results: healthy, luxurious, contagious results.



Natural Keratin smoothing treatment is a professional keratin treatment that penetrates the cuticle to reduce frizz and curl.
- Repairs damage and blocks the effects of humidity to prevent frizz
- Makes hair smoother and healthier with each treatment
- Cuts styling time and allows for easier blow-drying
- Results last up to 5 months

Express Blow Out is a one hour service that utilizes trionic protein and an advanced, co-polymer delivery system to reduce frizz and curl in all hair types. This express treatment delivers soft, silky texture and more manageable hair without the wait.
- Smooth, silky results in just one hour
- Hair can be washed just 8 hours after treatment
- Results last up to 6 weeks